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24Nov 2017
CRBC assisted Pakistan to cultivate transportation talents

Recently, the opening ceremony was held in Southeast University for 10 Pakistan students fully founded by CRBC who will participate in the two-year post-graduate education program of transport engineering in Southeast University. On October 30th, CRBC and Southeast University signed the strategic cooperation agreement for joint talent cultivation, teacher’s exchange and scientific researchers in engineering […]

11Aug 2017
self drilling rock bolt

Self-drilling rock bolts will be integrated with the drill pipe function, can well realize the drilling, grouting and anchoring into one-stop operation, simplify the construction procedure of engineering greatly, expanding the field of application of self drilling rock bolt in engineering. The main difference between the ordinary self drilling bolt is that it comes with […]

08Jun 2017
grouted rock bolt

Presently, rock reinforcement technique (rock-bolting) is used in almost all types of underground structures due to its performance, cost-effectiveness, and safety. The structures reinforced by grouted rock bolts are, in general, very reliable and long lasting. In general, rock bolts reinforce rock masses through restraining the deformation within rock masses and reduces the yield region […]

13May 2017
rock bolt

Rock bolt is the most widely used support element in support systems in underground mines and civil tunnels. Rockb olting design is indeed mainly based on experience and it appears that rock bolting design is simply a business of selection of rockbolt types and the determination of bolt length and spacing, but, one essentially uses, […]

29Apr 2017
self drilling rock bolt

Rock bolts made of different types of steel have been widely used for the reinforcement of jointed rock slopes, nuclear waste repositories, underground mines and tunnels.Rock bolts are often exposed to corrosive environments such as chloride and sulfate ions,moisture, fluctuating temperature, and potential seepage of water through the fractures or joints in the rock .A […]

16Mar 2017
hollow drilling rock bolt

Hollow drilling rock bolt combines functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring, is an advanced anchoring and support system, which can solve problem of hole collapse and ensure grouting effect under complex geological condition. At aspects of bending resistance, shearing strength and surface bonding, hollow drilling rock bolt is better than mortar anchor bolt with the […]

07Mar 2017
rock anchors

The needs and requirements of clients and business partners are always of paramount importance. Characterized by reliability, trust and cooperation based on partnership,Sinorock offers its clients the advantages of an international system supplier with a product range that is tailored to suit individual requirements.In more than 30 countries and at 28 regional manufacturing sites,Sinorock develops, […]

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