News-Self Drilling Rock Anchors By Sinorock

24Nov 2017
CRBC assisted Pakistan to cultivate transportation talents

Recently, the opening ceremony was held in Southeast University for 10 Pakistan students fully founded by CRBC who will participate in the two-year post-graduate education program of transport engineering in Southeast University. On October 30th, CRBC and Southeast University signed the strategic cooperation agreement for joint talent cultivation, teacher’s exchange and scientific researchers in engineering […]

04Sep 2017

The 2017 Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) came to an end on August 31st,Sinorock sent visitor team to Australia and visited the exhibition. AIMEX is one of the largest mining exhibition in the Asia Pacific region and one of the three largest mining exhibitions in the world, which founded in 1970. The exhibition took place […]

21Aug 2017
fire knowledge training

Safety and quality are the eternal theme of industrial enterprises. Sinorock attaches importance to product quality, because product quality can protect customer construction safety, the same, the company also attaches importance to the safety of all employees. Just over the quality month activities, on August 19, the company ushered in the Henan Provincial Fire Brigade […]

11Aug 2017
self drilling rock bolt

Self-drilling rock bolts will be integrated with the drill pipe function, can well realize the drilling, grouting and anchoring into one-stop operation, simplify the construction procedure of engineering greatly, expanding the field of application of self drilling rock bolt in engineering. The main difference between the ordinary self drilling bolt is that it comes with […]

26Jun 2017
Warning Meeting

Quality is the life and soul of the enterprise. Only high-quality products can make consumers leave a good impression on the enterprise. Quality is essential for the long-term development of an enterprise. Only with the facts and data to speak and with the quality to expand the market, an enterprise can be overcoming all obstacles […]

08Jun 2017
grouted rock bolt

Presently, rock reinforcement technique (rock-bolting) is used in almost all types of underground structures due to its performance, cost-effectiveness, and safety. The structures reinforced by grouted rock bolts are, in general, very reliable and long lasting. In general, rock bolts reinforce rock masses through restraining the deformation within rock masses and reduces the yield region […]

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