Application-Self Drilling Rock Anchors By Sinorock

21Apr 2016
The Significance of Rock Anchor Support in Micropiles

Micropile is a board concrete pile by adopting drilling, strong reinforcement and pressure grouting, with less than 400mm-pile diameter and over 30-slender proportion. The construction equipment demands small, which adapts for narrow places. While micropile has closer relationship with people and its design, construction and monitoring technology have become big difficulties gradually. It can not […]

21Apr 2016
Rock Anchors Support in Slope Stabilization

In many cases, engineered slopes require stabilization to ensure their long-term viability and reduce localized slope failure (which includes erosion and rockfall). Generally speaking, the most effective strategy is to prevent the failure at the source through stabilization, not to install structures to protect against them in the future. There are many methods that can […]

21Apr 2016
The Application of Rock Anchors in Tunnel Construction

Tunnel is a construction built underground, underwater or in the mountain by laying railway or highway to let motor vehicles passing through. Based on the site selection, tunnel is divided into mountain tunnel, submerged tunnel and city tunnel. Because of the specificity of its location, exploration and digging must based on the surrounding terrain, geology […]

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